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Our Boys

Bronze Grand Champion
Blubears Captain Canuck (IMP CAN)

(Blue British Shorthair)

Our big blue Canadian boy Canuck is a such a teddy bear.  He traveled all the way to Australia from Canada to join us at Cyclard British Shorthairs. 

Canuck comes from Blubears British Shorthairs, which specialise in breeding blues and it shows with this lovely young man.  He has some growing to do and we are looking foward to how he develops. 

Canuck has an outstanding personality with a beautiful light blue double dense coat & stunning copper eye colour

Blubears Captain Canuck at Cyclard British Shorthairs

Blubears Captain Canuck at Cyclard British Shorthairs

british blue

CCCofA Double Grand Champion &
FCCV Gold Grand Champion

Cyclard Saville Row

(Blue British Shorthair)

Saville Row is a beautiful big boy. He has done us proud on the show bench and is producing gorgeous babies. He has a big massive round head and a thick plush coat.

With a solid build and wide chest he is all we could want in a boy. Saville was Cat of the Year 2004 and 2005. He is now retired from the show bench.

Cyclard Saville Row - Blue British Shorthair

Cyclard Saville Row - Blue British Shorthair

Cyclard Saville Row

Bretwalda Leroy Brown

(Chocolate British Shorthair, carries the pointed gene)

Leroy is a handsome young man.  He has a big boofy head with chubby cheeks.  He is still growing into his body but his coat is a rich brown and very plush.  He has a great nature too.

Bretwalda Leroy Brown - Chocolate British Shorthair, Cyclard British Shorthair cats



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